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Welcome to Quality Life Services

Who We Are

Quality Life Services is a family owned and operated healthcare organization based in Butler, Pennsylvania. For over forty years, the Quality Life Services family has been providing exceptional skilled nursing, personal care and independent living services in Western Pennsylvania. As we grow in size and care offerings, we will continue to offer the best in rehabilitation, memory care, hospice care and other specialty services to our communities. We also proudly operate a retail and institutional pharmacy to serve not only our homes, but your personal home as well. The Quality Life Services family believes that people grow and thrive in human habitats where relationships matter most. Our homes strive to be a place in which people direct their own care and medical treatment does not hinder the resident from living life to its fullest with meaning and purpose. Committed to honoring our residents’ values, beliefs and dignity, we are becoming the leader in the long-term care culture change movement on the East Coast.


The Quality Life Services family of companies began in 1973 with Sugar Creek Rest in Worthington, Pennsylvania. As the company grew, the need for a central organization body became evident, so in 2000, Quality Life Services was created to meet this need.  Over time, more homes have been added to the family as well as a retail and institutional pharmacy. Each home has the freedom to develop its own personality and internal relationships, while Quality Life Services helps to make the overall company more efficient and opportunities for improved quality of life more abundant.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Quality Life Services is made up of the owners of the company, founders of the company and outside advisors.